Covenant Woods

Covenant Woods is an accredited continuing care retirement community located in Hanover county, Virginia. Branding focused on the launch of the newest expansion, The Lodge. Covenant Woods already had a positive reputation to build upon to market the new innovative amenities and contemporary residences, but the unique lifestyle perspective has been key to their success.

Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place retirement community is located on Lakeshore Drive overlooking Lake Michigan in Hyde Park, Illinois — a short drive from downtown Chicago. Though many of the residents were university faculty or alumni, branding was focused on changing the less than favorable perceptions of Hyde Park within Greater Chicago by highlighting the cultural and intellectual pursuits available in the University of Chicago neighborhood.


Whitney Center

Whitney Center is a not-for-profit Life Care community located in Hamden, Connecticut. As a blue-sky project, the original branding focused on introducing the new community and educating the market about Life Care. Having close ties with the Yale University community and its alumni, a major focus was placed on the cultural arts center and continuing education through life-long learning.