An approach to life that’s Unique

Much like her solutions to creative challenges

Elizabeth (Beth) Parrish is an award-winning art director in the Richmond, Virginia area. But that only begins to describe her. Her work as an in-house creative team member and freelance collaborator have been enriched by a lifelong passion for immersion in widely diverse cultures.

While others Google it, Elizabeth zip-lines above the Amazon, traverses the El Camino, rides a camel through the Sahara …. or skis down an ash-spewing volcano. All while enthusiastically pursuing a career path in which she continues to grow and expand her abilities in this complex field.

Elizabeth’s Strong Points
• Collaborating and/or leading in groups as well as in Art Director/Copywriter partnerships
• “Wearer of many hats”— managing and directing projects from conception to client satisfaction
• Overseeing of multiple accounts as Brand Lead / Creative Gatekeeper

Elizabeth’s Inspiration
• Experiencing cultures around the world through a passion for travel and photography
• Roaming through museums and art galleries at home and abroad
• Appreciating cinematography from the Silent era through the iPhone age